Seeking a greener carwashing experience

From chemicals to containers and wash practices, there are many ways to be environmentally friendly.

Since we only have one planet, everyone has a stake in protecting the environment. Certainly, Nemo Car and Dog Wash is no exception. Admittedly, we enjoy an advantage in the industry in that our suppliers are well versed. Australias’ environmental standards are considerably more stringent than ever so environmental stewardship — from chemicals to equipment — is a significant focus for Nemo Car and Dog Wash.

Nemo Car and Dog Wash have taken huge steps to ensure that we are using products that are not harmful to the environment and sustainable. For example, some carwash formulations still contain a chemical that cleans well but is very hard on equipment and poses a risk to employees, operators and the public.

Of course, chemicals are only one aspect of our efforts to be good stewards of our environment. Our carwash equipment is engineered to minimize the consumption of water and electricity.

Protecting the environment we share is everyone’s concern, and Nemo Car and Dog Wash is doing its part. We will strive to make our chemicals and equipment more eco-friendly while looking ahead and planning for an even greener future.