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Seeking a greener carwashing experience

From chemicals to containers and wash practices, there are many ways to be environmentally friendly. Since we only have one planet, everyone has a stake in protecting the environment. Certainly, Nemo Car and Dog Wash is no exception. Admittedly, we enjoy an advantage in the industry in that our suppliers are well versed. Australias’ environmental […]

How to clean an engine

Eleven steps to cleaning a car engine safely. A well-kept car looks amazing when rolling down the street, and it drives better. But, more driving means exposing a car to pebbles, grime, greasy and oily residues, dirt and particles. This unwanted debris can also accumulate under a car’s hood. For a car owner to enjoy […]

Carwashing Vs. Detailing

What are the basic differences between these two services? Taking care of a car is an important goal for a lot of car owners. They want to be able to drive their cars around with pride, and this requires that they look their best. To do this, there are two primary options they can use: […]